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A Nigerian lady, identified on Facebook as Emilia Chimee Dyke, has urged men to stop tagging women as “prostitutes”.

Emilia issued an advise/warning to guys who are fond of attributing women’s successes and achievements to prostitution (or “ashawo” in Nigerian pidgin language).

The graduate of Abia State University, ABSU, took to social media to tell guys to respect and appreciate women as many ladies have sleepless nights working in order to make money as entrepreneurs.
She shared her advice on her Facebook wall. Read below;

She drives a car : Ashawo

She rents a flat; Ashawo
Ignore cat calls; Ashawo
Go to a bar/club alone: Ashawo
Goes to the market; Ashawo
Gets a degree; Ashawo
Does charity; Ashawo
Dress comfortably; Ashawo
Makes up; Ashawo
Laughs: Ashawo
Breathes; Ashawo
Exists: Ashawo.
Becomes a celebrity; Ashawo
Please why is it a crime to respect women for their hard work?
Why must you look down on women as “ashawo”?
Must you term every achievement of a woman as “ashawo”?.
To every hardworking lady doing legit jobs and doing well for herself, I AM PROUD OF YOU.

Soon we will celebrate our achievements in each other’s private jets.
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