Exposed! New strategies employed by ‘Yahoo Yahoo’ boys to use people for money rituals (Read and Share)

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The love for money and material things by youths nowadays is alarming and there is no length they can’t go to achieve that.

Internet fraudsters otherwise known as ‘Yahoo Yahoo’ boys have now developed a new strategy in making rituals to boost their ‘Yahoo Yahoo’ business. Some of these new tricks have been exposed below. Read and share to save a life.

“They throw Money into your compound at night, when you wake up, you see the money squeezed if you pick the MONEY that will be YOUR undoing.

“I have noticed different denomination of the Naira each time I step out of my door to see them at different parts of my compound.

“This is their new strategy. It has been reported in my neighbourhood that a woman died some days ago after picking up #200 on her premises.

“Let’s be careful, spread this news to your Children, they should be mindful.

Don’t Pick money you have no idea of.

This is their New Pattern of Blood

Please don’t keep this important message, share and save a life .

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